The mere mention of anything French usually evokes images of art, beauty and fine cuisine; it elicits a sigh, possibly an inexplicable yearning. Why? Well that's perhaps the subject for another website entirely, but suffice to say, most people find their time in France is an experience that doesn't disappoint.

There is little doubt we all connect with culture and landscape in different ways. For us, the French experience is about seeing life through a new set of perceptions. It may be something as small as how to properly greet a store owner, or as complicated as the process of a real estate transaction. In part, it's also about the conventions of how things are done: it's okay that there are no stores open between 12 and 12 pm - or on Sunday – now we know to plan ahead! The pace of life changes and we change with it.

A significant part of altering our perceptions relates to language. We endeavour to speak as much French as is at our disposal each time we visit, and to build upon those skills in between times. It's also about the grass roots of 'being there'. While we look forward to exploring more of the country at large, we'd like to be regulars at the corner boulangerie; we want to try some of the odd - and very 'un-French' - looking restaurants the locals go to; we're intent on mastering the recycling system! In doing so, we hope to turn the kaleidoscope just a fraction, and see the very same pieces form an entirely new pattern.

This is the short story of why we chose to buy a home in France. We couldn't be happier with our choice in the charmingly-French yet thoroughly down-to-earth town of Bergerac.

À bientôt,
Jim, Marielle and Alex

"Each man should frame life so that at some future hour fact and his dreaming meet." - Victor Hugo