Bergerac is a town large enough to get to by various means of transport. Here are some of the options we have found, however, you'll need to determine for yourself which means are current and suitable for you at the time of your travel.

If travelling directly to Bergerac from Australia, the most straightforward method is as follows:

  1. Fly from Australia to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, France. These flights usually arrive in the early morning.
  2. Either take the TGV from Charles de Gaulle airport to Bordeaux, or fly from Charles de Gaulle to Bordeaux.
  3. Once in Bordeaux, your options are:

    • The intercity train (SNCF) direct to Bergerac. Note: This train leaves from downtown Bordeaux, not the airport; however, there is a frequent shuttle service that operates from the airport to the train station.
    • Hire a car and drive to Bergerac (about 100km).

  4. Our house is about 1 km from the Bergerac train station. You can either walk (if you have wheeled luggage and not too much of it!) or take a taxi.

The house has very good off-street parking and an automatic gate.

GPS If you plan to drive to Bergerac from Bordeaux (or from anywhere else, for that matter), a GPS will assist you greatly. It is easy enough to bring one from Australia, however, just ensure you have the right maps installed first. We now simply use Google Maps on the mobile phone as our GPS (in a windscreen sunction mount). You would typically want to purchase a French SIM card to do this.

Alternative Routes Bergerac does have its own airport. Most of the flights into this airport originate from second tier airports in Britain, such as Southampton, Gatwick, and Stansted. You can also fly direct to Bergerac from Düsseldorf or Rotterdam. One of these options may work for you, particularly if you're already in Europe. You can see all the routes and airlines that fly to Bergerac airport here: